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Meet the Team


Dave Robinson

Dave Robinson is the founder and CEO of Work Your Stories LLC. He is a storywork facilitator.

A lifelong learner, entrepreneur, athlete, adventurer, and Richmond, VA native, Dave Robinson is a Master Storywork Coach. Dave has long possessed a passion for personal development work and has been guiding clients in improving their health and mental / emotional wellness for well over a decade. Working with clients all over the globe in 20+ countries, Dave specializes in identity work, overcoming substance abuse & addictions, negative self talk, and helping his clients move forward after hurtful or traumatic experiences. Dave is one of the top experienced coaches in his field, with over 1,200 Storywork sessions facilitated while also appearing as a guest on over 175+ podcasts. A former financial planner and Division 1 strength & conditioning coach, his deep interests include running ultramarathons and obstacle course races, road trips, permaculture, and spending quality time with his fiancé Ruslana and their cat Bijou.  Interact with Dave on Instagram and visit his website at

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Chase Tolleson

Chase Tolleson is the founder and CEO of Primal Man Pathway. He is a storywork facilitator.

A lifelong fitness enthusiast and serial entrepreneur, Chase Tolleson has found a throughline in any endeavor he's been a part of in life - stories. From getting in shape, to having great relationships, to closing sales, or running a business, the biggest lever to pull in creating a life we're proud of is the story we tell ourselves about ourselves. Chase has built a career helping individuals shed and rewrite unwanted stories so that they can create a life they're truly proud of. A native of Chicagoland, Chase returned after four years in the Navy to open a gym - where he ended up meeting his wife, Sarah. They now have a young daughter and are looking to expand to an area with more land and room for growth with their two pups! Follow Chase on Instagram @coach_chase_tolleson and visit him online at 

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Ruslana Remennikova

Ruslana Remennikova is a book author, sound practitioner, and culinary artist.

Ruslana Remennikova is a former scientist for the Fortune 100-ranked company ThermoFisher Scientific where she worked with vaccine sciences. In a 2016 leap of faith for a more meaningful life, she left the world of corporate science to later open a sound medicine practice while writing her forthcoming book, Activating Our 12-Stranded DNA published by Inner Traditions | Simon & Schuster in January 2025. Her work has been featured in Psychology Today and at the Science of Consciousness world-gathering at the University of Arizona. She is the founder of Songbird Science, a research company that explores frequency and consciousness. Born in Ukraine, she currently resides in central Virginia with her husband-to-be Dave Robinson, cat and dog, Bijou and Frisco, and the rest of their furry companions on the homestead.



After years of cohosting a podcast and presenting online Storywork workshops together, we organized our first retreat in 2023 after realizing how important it is to come together and create a safe space and dedicated time with others for disconnecting from the daily grind.


We provide our participants with opportunities to recharge their body, mind, and soul, reconnect with themselves, and rewrite their inner story. We are confident that our picturesque locations, first-class hosts, and committed community will inspire a life-changing experience.

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